How to convert PDF to Flash Flip book with Flipbook Creator

What is flipbook?
Flip book is a kind of ebook with page turning effect typed by digital web pages. Compare with reading PDF files, Flipbook definitely flip and provides you the sensation that you just are reading the actual book. Digital flipbooks are exactly what they sound like—a digital magazine that you can flip through on your computer screen. Now, many people prefer not to read magazines on their computers.

Why convert PDF to Flipbook?
When get some popular PDF files, many people want to convert PDF to Flash Flipbook for reading with these reasons.

  1. Flash Flipbook is vivid and flashy. For digital Flipping book, you can choose beautiful template, themes, design turning effect, etc. You also can insert picture, movies to the flipbook or set local music as background music.
  2. Easy to reading. If you can’t install PDF viewer or PDF reader, you can’t read PDF files on your computer, but you can convert PDF to Flipbook with .exe for reading on Windows, or .html flipping ebook for viewing in web browsers.
  3. Easy to share. Flipbook will keep smaller size than PDF file. So we can easily upload Flipbook (.html) to website, send via email, etc.

(10.19MB) Only $70 Mac Version

How to convert PDF to Flash Flipbook?

Free download Flipbook Creator, install and run it. If you are Mac users, try Flipbook creator for Mac.

1. Add PDF files

Running the software and then click “import PDF” to import partial or complete of PDF file to the software for creating flipping book.

Add PDF Files

2. Design setting

Click “Design setting”, you can choose template, themes, change background picture and music, add bookmark, insert brand logo, change turning effect, real time preview, etc for making flipping book vivid and beautiful.

Design Setting

3. Convert PDF to Flipbook

After all setting done, you can click “Converting to flipping book” to choose the output format like .html, .zip, .exe. At last, click “Convert” button to convert PDF files to Flash Flipbook for reading or sharing.

Convert PDF to Flipbook

(10.19MB) Only $70 Mac Version

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