How to Create eBook for iPhone?

With Retina display, 4 inch display, 800:1 contrast ratio, iPhone is a wonderful tool for reading eBooks when you walking on the work/journey, lunging about the street or staying in the park. However, many popular ebook format are not supported by iPhone, so how to make eBook for iPhone, the new iPhone 5?

eBook to iPhone Creator allow you to make or create ePub eBook for iPhone. It can create iPhone ePub eBook from PDF (.pdf), MS Word (.doc/.docx), Txt (.txt), Html (.html/.htm/.xhtml), Chm (.chm), EPUB (.epub), Image (.jpg/.png/.bmp/.gif/.tiff) files for reading on Apple iPhone devices like iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, etc with ease.

Simple guide about how to create/make eBook for iPhone?

Tips: There are two different versions for windows or eBook Creator for Mac. Below guide is about how to make iPhone ePub eBook for Windows.

Step1: Support to save the book into any common format like .txt, .rft, .pdf, .chm, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tiff, .doc or .docx formats. For the best results we recommend saving it in .html, .htm, or .xhtml formats.

Step2: Free Download, install and Launch the eBook Maker and customize book info, including title, author, date, language, subject, identifier, publisher, and description. You can also set the layout for the output eBook or set output folder.

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eBook Creator for iPhone

Step3: Double click the left cover area, and you can customize a local image as your new book cover.

Step4: Click the "Add Contents" button, you can import the contents that you prepared in the PDF, TEXT, Word etc to the program. Also you can drag and drop the files to the content area to add contents.

Step5: Right-click on an imported file, you can also add, remove, clear files, or change the order for the file; Click on the file name shown in the list, you can rename the imported contents.

Step6: Click the "Build" button, then you will get your own ePub eBook and you can import the new ePub eBook to your iPhone for playback.

Additional, the ePub eBook which you created by this eBook Maker also can be imported to iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Samsung galaxy s1,2,3,c HTC, Nokia etc for playback easily.

(14MB) $39.95 $35.95 Mac Version Note: 100% clean, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Coupon Code : FILE-NI3F-DFGJ Save: 10%

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