Export iMovie Video to Flash SWF/FLV

iMovie is the best video editing software application of Apple. It can export video as .mov formats, but not flash swf/flv etc video formats. iMovie to Flash Converter can help convert video from iMovie to Flash FLV/SWF with a generated HTML and built in Flash Video Player with original quality. 

(21.49MB) Only $49.95 Windows Version

Step by Step Export iMovie to Flash

First, you should export the video from iMovie to .mov on your Mac.
1.Go to the "Share" menu and select "Export Movie..." option to open the "Share" window, then choose "QuickTime" icon.
2. In the "Compress movie for" pop-up window, select an option and press "Share"
3. To choose the type of export format, click "Options" button to set the compression, frame rate and key frame. Then click "Save" and the imovie video will be saved on your mac.
Export iMovie Video

Then, you can Export iMovie Video to Flash FLV/SWF
1: Free download Video to Flash for Mac Converter, install and run it.
2: Then click the "Add Video" button and go to the video folder where video clips exported from iMovie is stored, add to this program.
3: Click start button to begin iMovie to Flash FLV/SWF conversion. After conversion, you can upload the flash video to video sharing website or post them into your webpage.
Export iMovie Video to Flash

Finally, you can upload FLV and SWF files to your server host or Open .html file with Dash code and copy codes(from "" to "") to your website.

(21.49MB) Only $49.95 Windows Version

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