How to Export Keynote 09 to Flash on Mac?

Do you know how to add voice to Keynote presentation and then export Keynote presentation as Flash? This Guide will show you the detailed steps about export Keynote to Flash on Mac.

This is a FAQ from yahoo. Here, we will show you the detailed methods to solve the two problem:

(1) It's quite easy to attach soundtrack into your Keynote presentation.
1. Go to Menubar View - Show Inspector (keystrokes: Command-Option-I)
2. Select Document icon, the one on the left most, Choose Audio section
3. Browse through your iTunes Library to select the most appropriate soundtrack
4. Drag the file onto the place provided
5. Select the soundtrack loop using the option pane provided: Play Once, Loop or Off

Export Keynote'09 Presentation to Flash SWF on Mac.

First, the final step you need to perform is exporting your Keynote presentation to QuickTime video.
1. Go to menubar File - Export-Select QuickTime
2. Set Playback to use Recorded Timing-Choose appropriate settings
3. Confirm by clicking Next… button
4. Fill in suitable name for the movie and wait patiently for the exporting process to take place

Then, export Keynote 09 presentation to Flash for Website
1. Free download and install video to flash converter Mac on your Mac

(21.49MB) Only $49.95 Windows Version

2. Click "Customize", Tweak various values to get the best output effect.
3. Hit Start button to carry out the conversion process.

Keynote to Flash

After the conversion, you will find four files(.flv, .swf, .html, .jpg) in your output folder. Upload FLV and SWF files to your server host. Open .html file with Dashcode and copy codes(from object classid to object) to your website.

Note: If you want to convert Keynote to Flash on Windows 7/8 etc, Please go to Video to Flash Converter.

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