How to make/convert/create/build Flipbook on Mac?

Do you want to make a Flipbook for reading ebooks with turning effect, then you can reading ebook on your Mac like reading a book? Are your troubled with how to make PDF or other files to flash flipbook for uploading to website or sending via email?

Flipbook Creator for Mac a simple and powerful tool for creating Flipbook. With the useful tool, Mac users can easily convert or make PDF or other files to Flash Flipbook (.exe, .html, .app, etc) with page turning effect. Then you can easily view Flipbook on your computer, insert to blog , send via email, etc.

Steps about how to create, make Flipbook on Mac

Free download, install and run Flipbook creator for Mac. Windows users can try Flipbook Creator.

Only $99 Windows Version

Import PDF files

When you running the software, then click “Import PDF” button to import partial or complete of PDF files, music, photos to the software.

import pdf files

Set for the flipping book

You can set the logo, background music, insert video, add bookmark, choose theme or template, change turning effect, etc in the part of “Design setting”, “Bookmark”, “Bookmark Tabs”, “Scenes”, “Assistant”.

set for flipping book

Output setting

Click “Convert to Flipping book”, you can choose “HTML”, “ZIP”, “EXE”, “App” as output format, choose output folder, type the name for File name. You also can choose for burning to CD.

Output setting and convert

After all setting, only need to click “Convert” button for making or creating Flash Flipbook on Mac with page turning effect with ease.

Only $99 Windows Version

Then you can share Flipbook with your friends via email or upload to website, or view them on your computer, portable devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc. Learn more about PDF to Flipbook.

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