How to convert recording 3GA to MP3 on Windows or Mac

Trouble converting recording 3ga files from Samsung Galaxy to MP3 files as below.
How to convert 3ga audio file from samsung galaxy s2 to mp3?
Want to tranfer many 3ga audio files from galaxy s2 to 1 continuous audiofile on a CD, i guess first will hv to convert to mp3 but how?

Audio Converter is the best tool for converting 3GA audio files. Using the Audio converting software, you can easily convert 3ga voice recording from Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4 to MP3 common file format. Then you can play 3ga music on various MP3 players, media players or share them on website like YouTube, etc.

Follow the step by step guide to convert 3GA to MP3 on Windows or Mac

Step1: Import 3ga audio to computer

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4 with computer to find the 3GP files in the “Sounds” folder which can be resided in internal memory or SD card depend on your setting. Then copy these 3GA audio recording files to your computer.

Free download MP3 Converter or MP3 Converter for Mac as you need, then install and run it.

(10.3MB) Only $21 Mac Version

Step2: Add 3ga files (there are two methods to import your 3GA audio)

1. Directly Drag your 3GA audio files from Finder and drop them on the main window.

Drag 3GA files

2. Click “Add Files” button, you will get a pop-up window, then go to the 3GA folder. But you can't see 3GA files. You need to choose "All file (*.*)" from the drop download list of "All Supported formats.." behind the file name.
Then you will see the 3GA files. Select them and click open to add to the software.

select all files

Step3: Choose output format

output MP3 files

From the drop down list of “Profile”, you can choose MP3 or other popular audio format for output.

Step4: Convert 3ga to MP3

After all setting, hit the “Convert” button to convert Samsung Galaxy 3GA to MP3 files on your PC or Mac.

(10.3MB) Only $21 Mac Version

You also can trim or cut 3GA files

Click "Trim" icon to open the Trim window, then you can drag the scissors bars under the preview windows where you want to trim 3GA audio. Or you can enter the start and end time in the Time box for trimming.
Then you can get the favorite part of 3ga file for converting and sharing.

Trim 3ga files

What is 3GA audio?
3ga audio file is the audio part of a 3gp file. When you captures sound with smart phone like Samsung Galaxy s3, you will get the audio data in 3ga file format. By navigating to “sound” folder where the voice recording file is resided, you will notice that the file has the 3ga file extension.

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